Bill Gates letter

Bill Gates foundation working on health for over a decade now, world health, and involved with the Ebola epidemic – so this is up his street. He talks about the next stages:prioritizing equity and getting ready for the next pandemic.

Not so straightforward – I first heard the Bill Gates theory in my woodland from Rachelle, convinced of the conspiracy theory, who’s real goal was to take control, by Gates developing a vaccine for COVID to enslave the worlds population. *

That kind of shared effort is important, because in a global crisis like this one, you don’t want companies making decisions driven by a profit motive or governments acting with the narrow goal of protecting only their own citizens. You need a lot of different people and interests coming together in goodwill to benefit all of humanity. Of course, Philanthropy helps here, being non partisan, being global. The pandemic brought new meaning to old terms like “global health.” A consequence of globalisation is not only trade but viruses. §

The online campaign against Gates encompasses a myriad of alternate realities created by anxious and isolated social media users, including debunked claims about 5G cellular technology, anti-vaccination rhetoric, QAnon content, and the conspiracy theory du jour, like the idea that sunlight can kill the coronavirus. And it’s not just limited to the fringe: According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll released Friday, 44% of Republicans in the US believe that Gates plans to use a COVID-19 vaccination as a way to implant microchips in people and monitor their movements.

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