End of the unloved camper

Sold. To Zoe and Lee, who will love it, transform it and use it. Unloved from the start, for it was purchased as I rose to a gauntlet of Barry’s (you never decide immediately), regretted since, and a determination to stick with my gut. But who could not enjoy such a smooth ride and trouble free motor? As the Swiss man in Sighisoara said, your third camper will be the right one, finally. We had some good times in it, the dogs and I. Aldeburgh for the Doc fest a few times, France, Spain, Portugal with Barry recovering from Shingles.

1 thought on “End of the unloved camper”

  1. We do already love it, we look forward to many adventures in it. And good to know you’ll be seeing us doing so.
    Onwards and upwards, from unloved to loved xx

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