Trump messy end

Social media gang up against trump. 8 days to go. Comparisons of police on Black Lives Matter and storm of Washington is stark.

January 13, 2021, one week before Trums term expired, The House voted to impeach President Trump for the second time – The resolution passed 232 to 197 including 10 republicans. Pelosy had the delightful privilege to announce today

One day more – brilliant!

Obituary for a failed president – ran the New Yorker. He leaves behind a city and a country reeling from four hundred thousand Americans dead, as of Tuesday, from a pandemic whose gravity he downplayed and denied; an economic crisis; and an internal political rift so great that it invites comparisons to the Civil War.

Senate agreeds to impeach Trump – the only legal challenge is can you impeach a president who is no longer president?

Feb 10th More footage emerges in the Impeachment trial – the senate watching are told they were 58 steps away from the mob as they hurry to safety on camera. A two-thirds majority of senators is needed to convict Trump. A conviction would trigger a second vote in which a simple majority in the Senate could permanently disqualify Trump from holding federal office in the United States

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