Loch Ness Wellington 2020 Brooklands

Mark from Brooklands Members TV, put together this interview with Jack, Vic and myself. We were put on the spot – had no idea it was a live interview, thought it was just a zoom meeting. When asked to give a history lesson on Heligoland, I had to do some swift mouse actions and find my background from Richard! A consequence of this was the live streaming of the service which until then Jack had said was shelved, and Vic and I were dismayed, after all Vics efforts. Mentioning it on this interview ensured it lived. And indeed it was streamed.

The Vimeo here .
Mark Jarman 07710783536

On the 80th Anniversary of R for Robert ditching into Loch Ness on 31st December 1940. To recall and celebrate this remarkable Wellington – and her crews – whichditched this day 80 years ago into Loch Ness and through serendipity was found and then recovered,  restored and rests today at the placewhere it was fabricated in Brooklands.

To celebrate this, LNW2020 have organised a service in Inverness Cathedral, filmed by Ian Forsyth, DP Media. which will be opened and streamed at 3.00 this afternoon.A bell will toll at 3.15 the exact time of the ditching. You can view it here

The background story is here in an interview arranged by Brooklands BM.TV, with Jack Waterfall, Victor Attwood and Rachel Kellett, including some war time footage of Wellingtons and unique documents and photographs. We will continue to collect information relating to this history on our web pages. You are welcome to contribute or comment.
With best wishesLNW2020 Team

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