Paul Vodden

Paul Vodden, our East Anglian Coppice Network co-founder with Andy Basham, friend and colleague, sadly died 1st October 2020 aged 71. Our thoughts are with Caroline his wife and their daughter Alice. He was a great supporter of the NCfed and it’s goals and according to Andy Barsham a pun supremo.

I glimpsed a little of Paul’s background right at the beginning, but we were always talking coppicing and ways forward to dally in his past. When I said I’d worked in India helping to set up Greenpeace there, Paul responded:
I was raised in India, my father worked for the British Council and we went out when I was about six and stayed for about six years.  Three years in Bombay (as was) and three years in the Western Ghats, small town called Panchgani.  As you say, stays with you. Later I worked for Greenpeace UK in the late 80’s before co-founding Sea Watch Foundation with Peter Evans. 

Researching for this tribute on our web pages, I came across this shocking news “School bus death father calls for CCTV and chaperones”. May be soon after this he left Horsham to settle in Saffron Waldon.

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