Hay Festival 2019

We’re camping in a field which is walking distance to festival, Michael’s very good idea. The toilets are downhill, the festival up a gentle slope. It is Michael’s treat, he’d been a few years running, and this was my first. Very excited.

We find ourselves late, but in the BBC tent listening to the finding of Tollerman in Peat somewhere in Denmark. He was hanged.

Spotted Ben Okri reading in a room.

Michael had book specifically for me, Women in Ambridge. The shock is that the actor who plays Susan Carter, the village tittle tattler, is Dr Charolotte Connor a senior research fellow in mental health at Warwick University. I’d have never put those two systems together in one person.

The joy of the van is we can sneak back for for tappas, Oz wine and olives and a checking through our ittinery we find Jarad Diamond, another hero of mine. I’d already had paroxisms of joy when I saw Stephen Pinker, the hero I first met in India all those years ago, discussing him in the Chinese Garden with Byan.

Julian Baggini
How the world thinks: Western, eg Greece 470 BCE / Eastern Confucian 551BCE / Vedas 480BCE
How perochial, only Western adopted.

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