Lockdown Thursday

The ‘non essential’ shops opened this Monday, although I have not been in to my market town to see the queues, or the look of a busy Thoroughfare. The repeated recent vocabulary  of ‘key workers’ and ‘non essential shops’ has given a perspective as to what is essential in the life. Health and well being. What is not essential, shopping and to a certain extent me. What matters, like black lives.

This was my thought as I walked the dogs last night up station road, carrying my hot ovaltine made by Michael for me, in my hand up along the verge of roses planted by Tamsyn, scenting the summer night air. Her ghost prevails, and I feel enormous gratitude for her.

I drank too much white wine last night at zoom bookclub. It was too long, Steven was right, but the book was stimulating – Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. Next month is Overstory and already there are mumblings of discontent (length and cost). It is an odd group – individually I love them all, but collectively they are challenging.


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