Lockdown Rupert

Rupert biked from Shepherds Bush West London to Chelmsford. An East wind challenged, and he found a train.

Facemasks are obligatory, although Trump wears glasses. Overstory: Freedom, wealth and Progress the cry of America. Archers cancelled. They’ve finally caught up with all the pre-recorded sessions, that other word that has seemed so strange to listen to. .

Overstory. The Death of Mimas.

Met Mike in his wheel chair on morning walk when I finally asked him how he got into the chair. He was an engineer Great Yarmouth . Being a natural morning riser he was ready to jump to shore to secure the ropes. He jumped and fell. Back broken in 2 places. 2 year Adenbrooks got him walking again, but an op 12 years ago he came out worse.

M: I haven’t ordered Grumpy Mule.

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