2020, Lockdown, News

Lockdown Sunday

Biked up to the wood for last meet with the departing Sam – for him to show me where the Nut Hatch is nesting in the ash tree.

He has been a good spirit in the wood, practically he has done much, taught me a lot, not lease of which is to look up at the stars and not look at a screen after 7 in the evening!

Dinner with he and Rupert last night (socially distanced) was a good reflection on that time, recalling how he first arrived – i’d forgotten – to look after the dogs when I went down to Peter Hemy’s funeral and stay with Tori for the week.

Ruperts roast peppers, a very hot chicken curry, and  mouth cleaning Halomi salad with caper seeds.

The US is opening up, Trump plans to do a rally, we await what Borris says today. the UK over 30,000 dead.



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