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Coronavirus week 5 Friday – Trump disinfectant

Trump – when you think he cannot do worse, does worse. Who would vote for him now? This will go down surely in the annals of Trump, the recommendation of ultraviolet light or drinking or injecting disinfectant as a cure for CORVID 19 . Trumps daily press conferences have provided a canvas for Trump’s rage, a platform from which he can attack his enemies and – only occasionally – a place where an American president can seek to reassure a scared and besieged public. Is this the tipping point? The next night the briefing was unually short.

The jibs came thick and fast. A spoon full of Chlorex…..

An impressive reply from the New York governor to questions of why cannot we open up our city now? As if death is not enough, it may be my death as opposed to your death.

Bridge in the morning. Bike to Huggy for repair. (He has run of of bikes to sell – all have gone and he cannot get hold of any more stock.) BBQ in the evening. We are both feeling very fat. Proposed Michael and I reinacted Pieter Breugle The Land of Cockaigne, as part of the re-creating famous paintings movement sprung out of Lockdowns.

Simon Armitage
He thought there was a message to be learned “about taking things easy and being patient and trusting the Earth and maybe having to come through this slightly slower, and wiser, at the other end – given that one thing that’s accelerated the problem is our hectic lives and our proximities and the frantic ways we go about things”



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