2020, Lockdown, News

Coronavirus Lockdown Week 4 Tuesday

We’ve had Easter. The days were like other days, lockdown, empty streets. One Christian head conducted his mass from his kitchen, far more impressive than an empty cathedral.

I haven’t written in a few days. Weather has kept me outside watching seeds germinate.

We had two family zoom meetings on (Easter) Sunday. Michael, Candy, Edward, Zoe, Saskia, and I. We exchange or days, Edward sorting his photographs, asking why do i take photographs, why did I take this one. Candy resurecting garden stones, Zoe and Saskia gardening, I sorting out the bothy and studio. (Why am I doing this, I ask, and not self improving yoga or learning astronomy? But there is somehing so satisfying about bringing order, keeping what’s useful, moving on what is not. Getting the space in order.)
An historic gathering of Kelletts – usually gathered for a funeral we needed to explain how we were related to each other. Caroline and Pepita joined Tori, her 3 sons, Jessica, and Alegra. I saw Lora for the first time, Tom and Elli’s son.


Last night, an unbelievable daily press COVID 19 news conference. 40 minutes defending his handling of the crisis with COVID. ‘Trumps wasted briefing’ the New York Times described it. One television network described it as “the biggest meltdown from a US president” they’d ever seen.
“You’re a fake, you know you’re a fake,” he argued with one reporter when she asked him what the administration had done to stop the spread of COVID-19 during February. “You’re disgraceful, you’re so disgraceful.” On Fact Check the young comentator briefed us on the time schedule so we knew his lies.

Description of a hospital: Packed with people, a constant carousel of new patients, whir of sirens as they pull up, clink of oxygen tanks being ferried between rooms, all of this spilling out onto pavement where a triage room emerges with dedicated doctors helping people struggling to breath. Inside sound of machines trying to keep people alive.

Anna organised a Socratic dialogue on Zoom. The pertinent question was ‘When should i collaborate?’ It was very successful. We want to continue. Zoom is a good platform for us. Not seeing the person in such detail, we have to listen more acutely. The example and example (Jayne) giver were both top notch.


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