Coronavirus Lockdown Coppice and Bramble

Two moments encapsulated the enjoyment of living with Michael this morning. The first was his ready at 6.30 am prompt for us to leave, no hanging around, we are on the same dance to the same time. Unlike my previous partners, of Bob and Barry, both of which could give little notice for the one waiting. Barry would typically fit another thing into the time, leaving me to hold up the table waiting for him to take the other end – only when he was ready.

The second was his love of finding pretty way, which indeed we did, our venture out on the back roads to Saxmundham revealed exactly as he anticipated, grass verges peppered with primroses.

Where were we off to? Waitrose for the over 70’s morning slot. Michael’s favourite shop. Not that we needed anything urgently, except celery. I think we were going for the experience to give M an outing.

Empty carpark. Ah, the shop opens at 8 not 7 as M thought he’d seen on line. Let’s go to Sizewell, so it was we found the unexpected pleasure of walking on Sizewell beach alone bright sunlight sharp wind, dogs ecstatic.

Returning we found the polite Waitrose distance adhered to queue for the opening hour exclusively for over 70’s. Only one person aloud in, and Michael wanted to do it. I found the church and an unusal grave which I could not find with reference to the North Star.

Remainder of day in the woods and East Lodge, repeating the theme of yesterday, brambles on the northern boundary and then again at East Lodge. Late (well I was a late developer) I had the inspiration to turn the self seeded bottom half of the garden into a coppice. Yes, far too late, but I coppiced the self sown Hornbeam. When is the best time to plant (coppice) a tree? 20 years ago. Next best time? Now.

The evenings I loose in tiredness and food washed down with a glass of wine.


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