10 reasons why not (2018)

The answer to climate change, clean technology, cost effective, modern.

1. Costs 2012 Hinkley £102 per MW hour / Offshore £39 (on shore even cheeper)

2. Takes years to build safely. 12 year. Delays.

3. Distraction. Cuckoo in the nest. Pushes others out of the debate, absorbes all social capital which means others don’t get exposure.

4. Waste. We will find a solution

5. Nuclear proliferation. Ours but not yours.

6. Safe. Until goes wrong. Terrorist.

7. Employment. Dieing industry. Why create jobs in a declining industry? 400 jobs locally

8. Load dependable and needed. Myth. General capacity 90GW. Peak 53GW. Average 20-30 GW.

9. Use of land. Collosal. Not just another little dome. Hectars.

Construction. Habitat, Waterlevels.

When finish Hinkly all plants will move down to Sizewell.

It is already decided?

What can i do?

2021 Jeremy’s letter

Jeremy Solnick
Saltings Seven Acres Lane, Walberswick, Suffolk, IP18 6UL

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA 27th July 2021


Dear Prime Minister,

Please Oppose the Construction of Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

I am writing to ask you to oppose the construction of Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station for the following reasons:-

It is not necessary:-
Research by independent and respected organisations like Good Energy and National Grid show that Britain’s foreseeable energy requirements and commitments to decarbonisation can be met without the construction of a new nuclear power station.

Large nuclear power stations are not a credible way forward at the present time because:-
Based on the experience of last 60 years and a proper examination of the costs, nuclear energy has proved to be more expensive than any other form of energy generation.
Predictions made by the industry and EDF in particular, are over optimistic and inaccurate.
By committing to a costly and rigid project of this nature, Britain restricts its ability to conceive and adopt a flexible energy policy that is ‘fit for purpose’ in the 21st century.

It is not green: –
if looked at in the whole, the environmental benefits are overstated particularly if account is taken of the long-term environmental damage caused by ionising radiation, and the cost and technical difficulty of de-commissioning a large nuclear power station.
The carbon cost of construction is enormous.

It is not British:-
Britain needs to have ownership of the intellectual property and the physical assets of vital infrastructure in order to properly protect British interests.
A large proportion of the workforce will not be British and the opportunity for Britain to develop its own expertise in this field will be lost
It will not provide sufficient long term benefit for the British economy.

It is 20th century technology:-
EPR reactors have a history of cost overruns, delays and operational unreliability.
New nuclear technologies, now in the course of development, offer cheaper quicker and safer alternatives.
Britain will miss out badly if it is not in a position to take advantage of new developments, having committed itself to out of date technology.
The Financial model is wrong
Most of the cost and the risk will be passed on to the public resulting in excessive energy bills for many years to come. This will not only effect households but the future competitiveness of British industry.
There is too much reliance on foreign partners
It will increase the size of Britain’s indebtedness which is already at unsustainable levels.
It will take too long and may well be redundant before it even comes on stream.
It is hugely destructive of the local environment which is unique and unspoiled.
It will have an adverse effect on the lives of the local people and damage local businesses.

I understand that proposals and discussions are advanced, but this project is misconceived. It is not too late to stop it. I urge you to use whatever authority and influence you have, to drive a stake into the heart of this project. If, by neglect, you allow it to go ahead, you will do the people of Britain a grave disservice.

Yours sincerely, Jeremy Solnick


2021 EDF and plans to build a Desalination Plant to harvest water

2021 08 FOE Desalination consultation–2625733077.html


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