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UK Election of Boris

After the exit pole and the manifestation of Conservatives in the Blyth Valley we we are all trying to make sense of it all. Not only out of our beloved Europe – our fellow tribes people, our major trading partner, our scientific research co-respondent,
but we have 5 and perhaps even 10 years of this strong government. I’ll be 70 by the time they are out. Ouch.

Two or perhaps three things gave rise to this in my view.
The first was the initial referendum, forged in wrong intention (to resolve internal conflict withing the Conservative party, challenged by Nigel Farage’s Brexit push)
it was deceitful from the outset – epitomized in Cambridge Analytica interference.
Such a complex issue should never have been resolved with a binary referendum.
Despite the fact that legally Referendums are ADVISORY, Cameron gave an assurance that whatever the result, it would be fulfilled.
People believed this. We had not quite reached the Trump level of accepting lies. When the majority who had voted for this exit, saw it was thwarted by Labour and others, dragging on for 2 years with politicians playing politics and theatre, they became (understandably) angry. (The political view that the vote was more a desire from an exit from Austerity as from Brexit). They wanted to Take Back Control.

Labour were always reactionary and not clear from the outset as to their position. It took them 2 years to say, yes, let the people have a say.  Nor did they collaborate with the other parties.

And finally there is Jeremy Corbyn. Actually the most honest and social justice minded of all politicians. But not a leader nor a visionary nor an instigator.

The bottom line is people prefer STRONG and WRONG to WEAK and RIGHT.

What of the future?
I spend time in my wood, working with kids, and this gives happiness, is worth while and useful.

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