Shake Festival – The Cut

The 2nd item on the festival Saturday 25th October, is James Holloway – Julius Caesar Workshop 1. James is not here, (It feels like that poem, XX will not read the Times Obituary today, he’s dead), but as we all gather in his name for a seed planted by him before he left, now fruiting, he is here in our minds and actions. He touched so many of us, and I only briefly and lightly. I’d bumped in to Caroline at Keven’s garage in Metfield. Her car would take some time, so i invited this stranger back to Half Moon to wait, and over coffee she said. ‘Yes, my husband is a builder, who just loved Shakespear’.

Later I met James, at the Cut bar, or was it with Bob filming Henry V? Probably both. I last saw him at the Cut bar, with leaflets for Shake, the weekend festival of Shakespear, All things Shakespear for all ages. That would have been about 3 weeks ago. A bleed on the brain, a coma, and finally death.

Lucy Baily Titus Andronicus

Not James Holloway

Dame Harriet Walter – Shakespear and Gender

Dr Bonnie Lander Johnson – Flowers, Folklore and Shakespears Rural Uprining

(No cut Choir)

Caroline Mummery and Roger Eno dance workshop – Ariels song from The Tempest set to music

Ian Kelly – Shakespeare, Garrick and the birth of an Icon

David Tennat in 2019 film Hamlet with RSC


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