With Dean and Michael

I am out of kilter with my tribe.
Dare I say it –  They are wrong!
At least a different view
Not  kind enough to include
One who suffers. So exclude
Her from our tribe of book readers
In Halesworth library.
Furious I write my view.
Unpick, form argument, stand on high horse
Fairly I interpret their points
Counter all. Draw out with simile.
Use metaphors to point.

Why do I dally in this dead end?
They will not change their view.
Why am I not weeding my own garden?

People who I’d like to meet When Stephen Pinker came to tea.

While he was visiting Oxford from Harvard.
In between lunch with Chomsky and
Dinner with Bertrand Russell (how well he has aged)
After his How the mind works, and the Blank Slate.
After he’d revolutionised my life.
Milk or lemon I asked, pouring out the Earl Grey
uncertain of his penchant
A slice of lemon drizzel cake?
Nice tea, he said.

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