Springe – Socratic Dialogue for 5 days

Oysters prepared by Michael were the evening send off before my first ever 5 day dialogue in Springe, Germany with the Socratic Dialogue philosophers and trainees such as myself.

Michael Oysters

Springe, a welcome beer at 10 pm after a 12 hours journey. Next time train.

Springe SD

Morning walk I found the woodland and carpet of wild garlic, which was to become my morning and evening home. A dusting of snow on the first day

Springe SD-2

Springe SD-5

Springe SD-3

Why we are here: the question we asked for 5 days.

Springe SD-8

Spring began arriving in Springe in the glorious beach forest

Springe SD-9

Morning walk became more adventurous with Henrik – we found evidence of someone else up here, feeding something tall. Or was it the giant to keep him from coming down? Springe SD-6

Other walking companions

Springe SD-7

Springe SD-12

Wild flowers glorious

Springe SD-4

Evening discussion after the derogatory film, Ramsheim.

Springe SD-11

Springe SD-10

Hamlin afternoon excursion

Springe SD Hamlyn-2

Springe SD Hamlyn

Springe SD Hamlyn-3

2019 04 SD

Walking adventure to the ‘deserted village’ in the wood, that turned out not to be deserted

Springe SD-14Springe SD-15

Springe SD-16Springe SD-17Springe SD-18

Our table and tribe for 5 days

Springe SD-19Springe SD-20

Springe SD-23Springe SD-24

Final evening presentations – in which Dieter sang beautifully

Springe SD-21Springe SD-22Springe SD-25

Springe town with Antonia. We found the park cemetery and the delightful groundsman who introduced us to the inhabitants.

Springe SD Park Cemetery-14Springe SD Park Cemetery-15Springe SD Park Cemetery-16Springe SD Park Cemetery-7Springe SD Park Cemetery-8Springe SD Park Cemetery-9Springe SD Park Cemetery-10Springe SD Park Cemetery-11Springe SD Park Cemetery-12Springe SD Park Cemetery-13Springe SD Park Cemetery-2Springe SD Park Cemetery-3Springe SD Park Cemetery-4Springe SD Park Cemetery-5Springe SD Park Cemetery-6Springe SD Park CemeterySpringe SD-26Evening beer and writing up of notes in warm sunshine

Springe SD-27

Springe SD-28Flying over Netherlands and tulip fields

Springe SD-29Back to the UK, and oysters in Mersey island with Michael.

Michael Mersey

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