Pre Brexit mix of international waiters. 2 Italian 1 Slovakian. 1 Hungarian. It’s the Hungarian who intrigues. Tamsyn would have drawn him. But on the other hand he moved too fast.
‘How is the food? Lovely’ he responds without waiting for you. ‘Thank you’ gone.

Barry and I find an easy altercation.
Those lights that blaze out every night illuminating Windsor road is purely ego.
The cost is irrelevant
See what I got for a docker
Mock Georgian light
Why cannot I let it be? Wrestle with words.
How many oak trees would this meal have provided for? Climate change ignorance. Out of step,
‘I could give you 500 quid for your wood, but I’d get nothing from it. What’s the point?

He said on the 35th floor of the Shard. And paid a bill, roughly that amount for that amount.
Brexit notes
1860 Cobden de chevalier – cheaper to pay for peace than war.
Peace was the governor of Europe. Trade is one method.

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