Politics Trump

Trump – October reflections

The surprise of Trump  – October/November 2016

Jill Lepore

The election of 2016 will not be remembered for anything beautiful.
Injury, fear, blame, hatred.
An election gone wrong.
Politics believes factions natural. Robust discussion.
Formation of Republicaions and Federalists. We are all republicans we are all federalists, assuming the
1964 parties began to diverge,  public interest over party interest weakening.
Income inequality also grown.
The Cookie story  – Harry you divide. Richard you choose. Incentive for fairness.
Members of rival sects.
Both sides predicted political catastrophy. Non stop freak out. Hall mark of religious skism.
Franklin: Difference between Church of Rom and England, the former infallible the latter never wrong.
Trump built a co-illition of those who thought they had been forgotten.

Thomas Chatterton Williams

White America and white aspiring latino’s

Reaction against Obhama

The vintage of his anger. He could no longer see me as his own nephew. We’d become symbols to each other.

Identity based politics. Pandora’s box. Keep the lid on.

One persons nationalism

Zoe Heller

The voice of monochrome america spoke loudest

Non has been so glaringly unqualified

  • Jail Hillary
  • Ban Muslems from US
  • Torture terroists, kill their family
  • Drain the swamp
  • Climate change a hoax by Chinese

Surely not? But running as anti-politician. Shady business dealings, phony univeristy, made him smart.

What was it? democrates debate

Rise of Trump tribalist instinct. Too neat.

Those who voted for Trump, previously voted in Obhama.

Locker room talk, but didn’t matter as he would kill ISIS

Andrew Sullivan

It was Hillary stupid.

She’d been in establishment for decades

Earned millions in Davos,

Gave the smug impression it was her turn.

Entitlement attitude.

She is charm free. A mediocrity.

She won 2 million few people than Obhama

She crushed Trump on TV, spent more. Still lost

Ignored the smaller caucus states like Wisconsin.

White women, her core demographic, voted for Trump.

Trump a clear change.

Why did democrates vote for her in first place? Bernie Saunders. Obhama failed to stop her. Clinton funds.

Democrates blindness and Clintens fathomless attitude of entitlement

John Grey

Pre Trump status quo gone forever.

Library establishment did not understand the urgent need of large numbers of their citizens.

Like Brexit rejection of Status Quo

History a story of incremental improvements. progress. Inspired Librarl idealists for generations. Obhama referred to the Arch of History.

Unchecked globalisation

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