I Daniel Blake (film Blythburgh)

First experience of Blythburgh unofficial film club, Friday, fish and chips in the White Hart (no parking if walking) pub before. Delicious, and warm hearted company (Sue and Val).

The Guardian: a battle cry for the dispossessed

“Ken Loach’s latest Palme d’Or winner, his second after 2006’s The Wind that Shakes the Barley, packs a hefty punch, both personal and political. On one level, it is a polemical indictment of a faceless benefits bureaucracy that strips claimants of their humanity by reducing them to mere numbers – neoliberal 1984 meets uncaring, capitalist Catch-22. On another, it is a celebration of the decency and kinship of (extra)ordinary people who look out for each other when the state abandons its duty of care.”

We think it’s at night time that he’s working, with Sailing by in the background, until it turns out, it’s his wife’s favourite music.

Stunning film. Brilliant. Northern Newcastle.



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