Worth of Hales

Inspired by Corminboef by Robert Rehder

Writing on a Saturday with Michael and Dean.
‘Actually we’re both international poets’ says Dean with satirical humour. While he’s to the Land of Trump for 12 days on a poetry workshop tour (inspired I think by the late Thomas Lux died too young), Michael is a day or two back from Cuba – a holiday but he did sneak into a library and find an untranslated Cuban poet.

Dean on Mooching: watching Colombo day time TV in my underpants.
Michael, not being busy and taking time to peel a banana
Dean: I knew your mooching would be more healthy than mine.

Worth of Hales

Funny how one circles round
returning to a place or person
from a beginning circle turn.
And so it is I find me here
Amid the Worth of Hales
A market town just like
the home of deer where I grew up.

In between all the nests I made
Possible landing strips
that could have been
my drive to a front door,
in the deserts of Rajasthan,
hill stations of old English
Cities, burbs and half way up a mountain once
whose beauty, rain or sun didn’t grow
my roots enough to keep me there.

Here will do well enough
content in the Worth of Hales amongst
faces, keepers, oaks and art
And just in case, there’s a train
to take me away.


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