Spent the eve of Obama’s last day in office, watching old video’s of him. That crisp bright winter day when I, with millions of other democrats, watched his inauguration, remembering seeing him emerging as a potential in Boston all those years ago with Bryan. What a joyful day that was. Back then we thought Bush was a serious disaster saved by Obama. Little did we know he was lightweight righty compared to what was to come.

Aretha Franklin sang. Yo Yo Ma John Williams jammed to the tune of Lord of the Dance.

Then Obama spoke. The long view was visible then. These were times of darkened clouds. Everywhere we look there is work to be done. Our common good. Not only the size of our GDP but on the reach of our prosperity. Know that America is a friend of each nation and we are ready to lead once more. Our patchwork material is our strength. To our muslim bothers we will seek new way forward based on mutural interest and mutual respect. Nor can we consume the earths resources.

Hope and change were the slogans

I watched Michelle dance, her cool hip dance. I saw them dance together, watch fascinated by their body language of honest beauty and intimacy. Oh the hope, the trust they bestowed, and it was contagious.

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