Becoming (2016)

I shall not be a doctor
Actually I knew as far back as
When my mother asked me
To pick out a splinter from
Her finger. I hid behind
The wing backed chair as she did it
‘You will never make a doctor’
She said, closing that option
At the beginning of my life.

Nor surgeon then. Nor policeman.
Then they had to be tall.
I am genetically short
So that career path was
Closed to me, through
Circumstances outside
Of my control.

I am too late to be a
Professional footballer, physiotherapist,
Paediatrician, plasterer,
and most professions beginning with p
and come to think of it most other letters
Of the alphabet. Now.

There is a contentment, to be,
limited to what
I can become, in this life,
Salaried any how.

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