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Permission from Brothers

Dear Frank and John

How are you both and all? I know we said we’d touch base again in September, and here we are in October/November.

What prompts me to write now is about a specific event.

Bob was widely known and admired here in Suffolk. His friends, and the Cut Arts Centre, would like to arrange a showing of his films around the first anniversary of his death, mid January 2017. As you may know, Bob was part of the Cut Film panel, who selected the films shown weekly, and his film, Farming on Prescription arose directly out of connections with The Cut.

In order to schedule this in January, for the programme to be printed in time, The Cut need confirmation quite soon, November 10th in fact.

As a draft plan, it would be a dedicated Sunday, from 10 to 4pm. The films, many with an East Anglian flavour, would be

  • Appleby Fair
  • Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears in Snape
  • Farming on Prescription (Clinks Farm)
  • One of this 3 transformation films, eg Langer or Ma Faisa.

As Executors of his Estate, we, Bob’s friends and the Cut, ask for your approval for this project and hope for your involvement, it would be even nicer if you could down for this event.

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