Dearest Lovely Louise

Reeling from the news of Imo – and you – I write to you finally.

Reeling you must be too.  Oh my love, what a body blow.

And how is your body? I hear snippets, thankfully from the faithful Dan, that you were both in the accident, run over, that Imo did not survive but you did, yet discharged yourself from the hospital. Are you ok – physically at least?

Oh Imo, your bountiful mother, to be taken so suddenly, in such fine fettle. Oh I hope it was quick, that her body did not suffer.

And what now? Day by day. I imagine you are living this way, day by day, moment by moment, the reality jarring, pricking in.  Dan is with you, which is so perfect. Do you want me to come out? I can of course. I hear you are there for a while to sort out stuff. I am practical. I will come whenever you want. Just say.

You were so tender to her, your mother, taking care of her, eyes open to her needs, whims, ways.  Do not doubt it.

I am thinking of you, of course. Let me know if there is anything i can do.

With buckets of love and a huge hug.


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