Spring clearing

Still clearing up from Paul Jackson’s northern boundary coppice. Stacking the cords and jagging the brush wood into the dead hedge along the boundary. Now not only preventative of munjac and deer, but I found a local man merrily helping himself to the cords. I gave him what he’d thrown over to the road side. Told him about the wood, that I was just starting to work it. He was old and unsteady on his feet. He was after some free firewood. But it makes me secure the boundary more effectively.

Much good exercise of looking up to the high reaches of the oaks, now greening. Well before the ash. Die back so evident for the first time this year. The looking good for the arthritis in the neck. A counter to that downward look to the mobile phone or computer.

Back to the van for the OU essay on ‘The UK Prime Minister is an elected dictator’.

I’ve decided today to keep an electronic record of the woodland. I may loose the book after all. Chances are not short. Nearly a year to when I bought it. June 2014.

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