A Theory of Everything Film at Cinema City with Bob

I was not distracted for a moment. Perfect pace, brilliant film, excellent acting. Particularly Felicity Jones, ex Emma of the Archers, a most watchable face, focused, centered, she knew what she wanted, stuck to it, and deviated only with permission.
They met at Cambridge, across a crowded room, and spoke together with minimal honesty. A conventional mating story until his diagnosis and prognosis of 2 years to live. His anger and rejection, her determination and refusal to be rejected.
And when she is hurt, as the nurse replaces her in his affections, she declares with such honesty ‘I have loved you. I did my best’. A nuanced moment when he typed the words, hestitating at that moment of her happiness knowing the carriage return would break it, forever, then pressed the button.
The Queens award, the final scene in his life, was an acknowledgement for both.
Eddie Redmayne portrays Hawking brilliantly: imitative, with candour and intelligence, and above all humour.
The potato and the pea. The potato the theory of relativity, the pea quantum physics. The two of them not matching.
Aged 72, Stephen Hawking today lives with his nurse, his wife lives with the choir master who joined them for a period. Their three children provide the end scene of the future. Just before a turning back of the film, imitating a black hole reversal.
Delicious Sunday lunch afterwards – Lamb – bones for Kali. I drank more than Bob! An extra glass with lemon flavoured treacle tart. Evening dog walk with Kali along the river – will I live in this city one day? Every time I come I want to live in this city where I was born.

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