The Selfish Giant (Film at The Cut)

We all jumped out of our seats. Although Colin, the scientist he is, knew it was going to happen. An extraordinary film. A modern fable is how it is described, and I kept trying to overlay Oscar Wild’s story, but could not find it until the end. Two raggamuffins, ejected from school, sought business enterprise as rag and bone boys, collecting scrap. Migrating from a pram to a horse and cart, the larger, softer boy was a natural with horses, which the scrap metal chief sees. The scamp calls him soft, and wants to emulate the hard nosed chief (the Selfish Giant?). The scamp, habitually scamping, was caught steeling from the hand that fed him, the chief, who sent him out as penance to dig up some electrical cable. That was when it happened. The soft boy helped him, and got electrocuted. Like the foal. That was the moment we all jumped.

The chief unexpectedly, turns himself in, admits it was he who sent the boy.

I understood less than 50% of the dialogue, (25% was f…ing), but that was immaterial. The end 10 minutes were without any dialogue, just the tragic sadness of the young boy, and the other boys mother.

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