Kali: The End of the Honeymoon

Odd to begin at an end.  The newspaper headlines today are : End of Obhama Honeymoon – i know how he feels!  I’d given Kali (the dog) to Miranda to look after while Barry and I partied in Norwich at a fancy dress, and our B&B definitely did not cater for dogs. After collecting Kali from Miranda, I read into his irratic behaviour afterwards, a dog revolt:  don’t leave me again. He ran out to any passerby, with his dog eyes saying please take me away. He didn’t fall for any of the tricks, throwing the ball, chiming his dog food bowl. And every time I approached him,  he ran, playfully away, sitting again at a little distance to tempt me to him. That night he did not even look at me. Any strokes were dismissed by moving away. Blast his dog eyes!

But come the morning, he came back.

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