Continual renewal of vision

Alfred Brendel played his farewell performance today, chosing a youthful Mozart piano concerto, K271 in E flat, which he described as “a wonder of the world”. What was key to his long success? A journalist replied: Brendel throughout his long life, continually renewed his vision.

How to start writing a poem (a book I ordered from the Guardian – ever in hope) ‘People that never read poetry don’t write poems that are worth reading.’
It dawned on me that I had done no reading of any importance this last dark year, and rather than feeling regret, I remembered ‘Unlearning’, and the refreshing views of Jinan, who gave up reading others words, to get in touch with his unconditioned thoughts.

1 thought on “Continual renewal of vision”

  1. importance and dark being state of mind, yes the universe constantly begins anew… safe journey r & look forward to hearing from your travels…

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