Sugata: the resolution

28 May 2008

Dear Sugata

On  the day that the royal family of Nepal leave their pink-hued palace in Kathmandu for the last time, their seven palaces are turned into museums and the queen forced to give up her retinue of beauticians, we three (or is it four?) have found a settlement on your estate, Sugata, one year after your leaving.

I think we all needed this year. I certainly did. I bless Anne Kobbe for bringing some clear thinking and unemotional sense into the matter.

Last night, Beatrice, a friend from the past made contact with me (oh that internet). Filling in the past 20 years, she relayed a story with perfect symmetry to ours.  Beatrice, my friend, was the daughter who had never known her father, but came unexpectedly into an inheritance on his death. It was a stressful year she said, finding then loosing a step brother and sister, disputing the estate with the woman who had lived with her father and never known of her existence.

We never know when we tell someone our story, how it fits into their life at that moment.

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