15/4/2008 email to Barbel, Hamio and Dictionary

Dear Bärbel, Haimo and the dictionary

Well, here we are almost a year on.

Where are you?

I am in Kathmandu, awaiting Gunilla, who arrives this evening.
I have with me some of Sugata’s ashes, and hope to find a resting place for them and this story, in this land he brought me to, nearly 8 years ago.

His ghost is strong here as you can imagine, and it is very strange being here without him. walking past the barbars tree where Halgrim filmed him having his head shaved, into restaruants where i’d take him to eat, passed the internet cafe where i read your email saying you at pinned ‘NO MORE BNW’ on his door, and making me lauch. He bought many of us here, like them i would not have come to this kingdom without his inspiration.

I was last here exactly 2 years ago, April 2006, hastening from India to Sugata in hospital with pneumonia. I remember driving in the ambulence through deserted streets, empty except for army check points – it was the begining of the revolution that has 3 days ago resulted in their first truely democratic elections in goodness knows how many years. The Maoists have taken all by surprise, by achieving a clear majority. It is a vote for change.

How are you both?

I will keep you in touch with logicistics of the ceremony once it becomes clearer.

with love to you both


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