Bob, Halesworth - Films/Festivals, Kali, Woodland


Brexit, Trump and Allepo

Brussels bomb, Paris bomb. Mosel.

Bob. Then Toby, Imo, Pat Rain, Anne Wolf, all died.
and in the greater world,  David Bowie, Howard Marks, Peter Maxwell Davies, Victoria Wood, Andrew Sachs, Greg Lake, Keith Emerson.

After a month or so of morning for Bob, a road trip with Louise, woke me up.

I returned and started renovating the Scud which became the Bung. Days of Mastic Malcolm, Brains Michael, Jeronomo, Jonathan Ross (Calum – the late show),

Meanwhile, due to Paul’s good persuasion (do it now Rachel) Graham started work on the Wood Cabin. starting the cabin in the Wood. Mastic Malcolm, Brains Michael, Jeronomo, Graham and Paul.

The family, MJ, Jo, Tino, and the dogs, Jao, Gobhi, Tundra, Kali.

Sun rising into the Bung front window. Kali barking at the chickens.

Tim Peake conducts the first ever spacewalk by an “official” British astronaut, stepping outside an ISS airlock just after 13:00 GMT.[15]

  • After many years as print newspapers, it is announced that the UK newspapers The Independent and the Independent on Sunday will cease to print and become online-only at the end of March.[28] Its stablemate, the i, will be sold to Johnston Press.[29]
  • British steel maker Tata Steel reports that it will sell off its British operations in a move to save money, leaving many thousands of jobs at risk, including those at the large Port Talbot steelworks in Wales.[67]

Junior doctors go on strike again,

The Labour MP Sadiq Khan is sworn in as mayor of London, succeeding Boris Johnson and becoming London’s first Muslim mayor.[101]



Labour MP Jo Cox dies at Leeds General Infirmary after being shot and stabbed as she prepared to hold a meeting with constituents in Birstall, West Yorkshire. Police arrest a 52-year-old male suspect.[124]


The first polymer banknote in the United Kingdom, the new £5 note, enters circulation.




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